Friday, September 24, 2010

Tamanna hot MMS Clips Leaked


Tamanna, one of five contenders of the popular MTV Roadies is believed to be found in the MMS scandal that is making out in the internet. Gaining popularity, Tamanna MMS video which has been shot has a girl having a sex with a boy. Running for 37 seconds, the girl in the MMS video resembles the MTV reality TV contestant Tamanna.

The face of the boy is not visible and the girl was confirmed as the famous TV show contestant with the black rope with the pendent around her neck. Like Tamanna, the girl in the MMS video is also wearing the same pendent.


But some says that the girl in the MMS video is not Tamanna as the MTV reality show star is wearing a Om pendent and not the crucifix which is worn by the girl in the scandal video.



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